Rooms/ Meeting Rooms/ Events

Lodge 1822 offers rooms and suites to its guests. We understand you may need more space than our rooms offer or you may need a lot less room than our suites offer, and that’s okay. We have rooms and suites you will adore and enjoy.

Rooms and Suites

Lodge 1822 offers a variety of rooms and suites to accommodate all of our guests. We offer a variety of suites, including

  • Basic suites
  • Junior suites
  • Master suites
  • Connecting suites

Lodge 1822 offers rooms that feature great amenities, such as a 75-inch flat screen TV, free local and long distance calls, and surround sound entertainment system, just to name a few.

Meeting Rooms and Events

Along with rooms and suites, we offer meeting rooms and spaces for events. Our hotel has the pleasure of providing the online casino management with event spaces for their annual management get away, which is always a success. Our meeting rooms and event spaces can be used by all of our guests. Amenities of our meeting rooms include wireless internet (Wi-Fi) which allows you and other members of the meeting to connect to the internet, as well as, share media, such as photos and documents.

Room and Suite Amenities

At Lodge 1822, we provide our guests with as many amenities as possible. All of our rooms and suites can accommodate individuals and groups, including pets of all kinds. In addition to 24-hour butler service for your everyday needs, e also offer complimentary Wi-Fi so you can stay in touch with work, friends, and family. 24-hour room service from our 5-star restaurants is another feature we offer that is popular. We provide electronic in-room safes to keep all of your belongings secure, and thrice daily maid service to keep your room fresh and clean. Along with fresh flowers to brighten your room and add personality, we provide bottled mineral water for quenching your thirst and floating candles with your choice of music while receiving a massage at one of our spas. When you’re ready to relax, you will go back to your room where you will find a blazing fire to stay warm and relax the rest of the night.

If you’re interested in peace and quiet for your entire stay, we offer the very top floor to our guests. The top floor offers everything the other floors offer, but more peace and quiet than the other floors. There is are two pools, one offers a scenic view of the surroundings, sauna, and restaurant. We at Lodge 1822 understand how valuable peace and quiet is, and we make sure the entire floor is quiet.

Lodge 1822 welcomes children. We have 7 different play areas that are full of different learning activities, including science, math, history, and many more. Our science center offers a planetarium that is free to our guests for the duration of their stay. Other activities for kids include a mini-mall within the hotel that include rides, beverages, drinks, and fun games.

For all of our health gurus, we have 3 gyms within the hotel that offer a variety of workouts. The gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is butler service in the gyms that include bottled water, health supplements, nutritionist, and a vast variety of power drinks.

If you’re interested in culinary arts, we have cooking classes every Tuesday and Thursday. There are two chefs in each of our 5-star restaurants who are ready to show you how to create savory dishes. Our chefs specialize in making vegetarian foods, foods that are gluten-free, and healthy foods you can eat without feeling guilty. Our chefs teach you how to eat healthy without sacrificing taste.

Lodge 1822 has a lot to offer its guests. Our amenities, rooms, suites, and services are what help us stand apart from our competition. We take pride in being unique and offering as many services and features as we do. Every night is eventful at Lodge 1822. There is always something to do and fun to be had. Whether you’re traveling with a group, as a couple or individual, Lodge 1822 has something for everyone every second of the day. Come join us and enjoy the Lodge 1822 experience! We welcome all guests from all over the world!