About us

Who is Lodge 1822 and what is it about?

Lodge 1822 is a hotel that is unique and offers a variety of amenities and services, as well as room and suite features that are not as common in other hotels. The lodge was started by a man who had a vision of hotel that was not only grand but different, unique. This man had a big dream and vision he wanted to share with the world. After 7 years of planning, organizing, financing, and more dreaming, Lodge 1822 became a reality. This hotel started off as a small 18 room business, then grew as the man’s vision for the hotel became more than what was originally planned.

He wanted a hotel that served everything and had something for everyone. Because of this, Lodge 1822 is situated in the heart of Birmingham surrounded by hotels and restaurants, and popular attractions. This hotel is only a few miles away from everything in all directions, which makes Lodge 1822 the ideal destination for travelers who wish to site-see. Although Lodge 1822 offers just about everything a person and pet could want, it’s still nice to get out and explore your surroundings.

We want our guests to explore as much as possible, and not just the hotel, but everything around the hotel. This is why shuttle and van service is offered to and from every popular attraction, destination, and restaurant within a 25-mile radius. There is so much to see and do that we couldn’t keep our guests to ourselves.

Vacations are about making memories, and Lodge 1822 tries its best to give their guests everything they could ever need and want while staying at the hotel. All of our staff are certified, skilled, and have extensive knowledge of the Lodge 1822 way. The Lodge 1822 way states that all staff will be friendly, courteous, polite, and provide service with a smile. Too often guests enter our hotel looking for service that is better than the hotel they recently left. We gladly offer no-hassle services to all of our guests.

We differ from other hotels because we listen to our customers and give them what they need. Every guest is different, and we make sure we address all of our guests as such. We customize each guest experience based on what our guests tell us they are looking for and want. The guest’s experience is primarily on our list, which is why we offer so many services and amenities. To us, there is nothing better than guests enjoying themselves at our hotel. We conduct extensive research and take surveys from previous guests to help us improve our services, amenities, and hotel overall. Our research concluded people are looking for more services and amenities that are not offered at many hotels. We made sure we offered those services and amenities, and more.  We conduct research every six months to ensure we are always on the right track with our guests and making sure our improvements are beyond satisfactory for our guests.

Lodge 1822 looks forward to exceeding your expectations each time you stay with us. If you’re looking for a hotel that offers more than a warm bed and cable channels, Lodge 1822 is the hotel you’re looking for! Come and take advantage of all of our luxury features and amenities. Our 137 room hotel has more than enough room for you and other guests. You can make your reservation online or reserve your room when you arrive. If you are traveling with more than five people, call us ahead and tell us what you need. We’ll have everything ready by the time you arrive. We’re ready to help you and give you the Lodge 1822 experience. Call or go online and make your reservation today! We’re here and always ready to help. Come experience the Lodge 1822 experience today!